Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun combustion

3 senses of combustion

Sense 1
combustion, burning -- (a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light)
       => oxidation, oxidization, oxidisation -- (the process of oxidizing; the addition of oxygen to a compound with a loss of electrons; always occurs accompanied by reduction)

Sense 2
combustion -- (a state of violent disturbance and excitement; "combustion grew until revolt was unavoidable")
       => tumult, tumultuousness, uproar, garboil -- (a state of commotion and noise and confusion)

Sense 3
burning, combustion -- (the act of burning something; "the burning of leaves was prohibited by a town ordinance")
       => change of integrity -- (the act of changing the unity or wholeness of something)

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