Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun finance

3 senses of finance

Sense 1
finance -- (the commercial activity of providing funds and capital)
       => commercial enterprise, business enterprise, business -- (the activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects; "computers are now widely used in business")

Sense 2
finance -- (the branch of economics that studies the management of money and other assets)
       => economics, economic science, political economy -- (the branch of social science that deals with the production and distribution and consumption of goods and services and their management)

Sense 3
finance -- (the management of money and credit and banking and investments)
       => management, direction -- (the act of managing something; "he was given overall management of the program"; "is the direction of the economy a function of government?")

Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of verb finance

2 senses of finance

Sense 1
finance -- (obtain or provide money for; "Can we finance the addition to our home?")
       => pay -- (give money, usually in exchange for goods or services; "I paid four dollars for this sandwich"; "Pay the waitress, please")

Sense 2
finance -- (sell or provide on credit)
       => credit -- (accounting: enter as credit; "We credit your account with $100")

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