Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun paradigm

4 senses of paradigm

Sense 1
paradigm -- (systematic arrangement of all the inflected forms of a word)
       => inflection, inflexion -- (a change in the form of a word (usually by adding a suffix) to indicate a change in its grammatical function)

Sense 2
prototype, paradigm, epitome, image -- (a standard or typical example; "he is the prototype of good breeding"; "he provided America with an image of the good father")
       => model, example -- (a representative form or pattern; "I profited from his example")

Sense 3
substitution class, paradigm -- (the class of all items that can be substituted into the same position (or slot) in a grammatical sentence (are in paradigmatic relation with one another))
       => class, category, family -- (a collection of things sharing a common attribute; "there are two classes of detergents")

Sense 4
paradigm -- (the generally accepted perspective of a particular discipline at a given time; "he framed the problem within the psychoanalytic paradigm")
       => position, view, perspective -- (a way of regarding situations or topics etc.; "consider what follows from the positivist view")

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