Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of verb rest_on

2 senses of rest on

Sense 1
lean on, rest on, lean against -- (rest on for support; "you can lean on me if you get tired")
       => touch, adjoin, meet, contact -- (be in direct physical contact with; make contact; "The two buildings touch"; "Their hands touched"; "The wire must not contact the metal cover"; "The surfaces contact at this point")

Sense 2
repose on, rest on, build on, build upon -- (be based on; of theories and claims, for example; "What's this new evidence based on?")
       => depend on, devolve on, depend upon, ride, turn on, hinge on, hinge upon -- (be contingent on; "The outcomes rides on the results of the election"; "Your grade will depends on your homework")

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