Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun trickster

3 senses of trickster

Sense 1
prankster, cut-up, trickster, tricker, hoaxer, practical joker -- (someone who plays practical jokes on others)
       => troublemaker, trouble maker, troubler, mischief-maker, bad hat -- (someone who deliberately stirs up trouble)

Sense 2
deceiver, cheat, cheater, trickster, beguiler, slicker -- (someone who leads you to believe something that is not true)
       => wrongdoer, offender -- (a person who transgresses moral or civil law)

Sense 3
trickster -- (a mischievous supernatural being found in the folklore of many primitive people; sometimes distinguished by prodigious biological drives and exaggerated bodily parts)
       => spiritual being, supernatural being -- (an incorporeal being believed to have powers to affect the course of human events)

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