Dos Emulator, Run Game and 16 bits program
This app is a free, DOS-compatible operating system in your browser. You can use to play classic DOS games, run legacy software, QBasic, GW-Basic, or 16 bits programs in your browser. You just need to zip-compress the files, folders to mount on this virtual DOS, and Just run the program like a real DOS. You can open a zipped file from local computer, Google Drive, and URLs.
Supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari... Max file size for local, Google Drive, URL: 30M     Volume 
Open a zip file to mount -> Booting virtual DOS -> Type the "dir" and Find a executable file (exe, bat...) -> Type the executable file (game.exe, game.bat...) -> Run program
*Useful DOS commands:
dir or dir/w - list files in a current folder, cd "folder name" - move to folder, mount - list mounted drives, z: - go to system drive
"tab" key on the command input - navigate file, folder name, "esc" key on DOS mouse mode - escape mouse mode
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