Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun detection

4 senses of detection

Sense 1
detection, sensing -- (the perception that something has occurred or some state exists; "early detection can often lead to a cure")
       => perception -- (the process of perceiving)

Sense 2
detection, catching, espial, spying, spotting -- (the act of detecting something; catching sight of something)
       => discovery, find, uncovering -- (the act of discovering something)

Sense 3
signal detection, detection -- (the detection that a signal is being received)
       => reception -- (quality or fidelity of a received broadcast)

Sense 4
detection, detecting, detective work, sleuthing -- (a police investigation to determine the perpetrator; "detection is hard on the feet")
       => police work, police investigation -- (the investigation of criminal activities)

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