Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun flim-flam

1 sense of flimflam

Sense 1
bunco, bunco game, bunko, bunko game, con, confidence trick, confidence game, con game, gyp, hustle, sting, flimflam -- (a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property)
       => swindle, cheat, rig -- (the act of swindling by some fraudulent scheme; "that book is a fraud")

Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of verb flim-flam

1 sense of flim-flam

Sense 1
flim-flam, play a joke on, play tricks, trick, fob, fox, pull a fast one on, play a trick on -- (deceive somebody; "We tricked the teacher into thinking that class would be cancelled next week")
       => deceive, lead on, delude, cozen -- (be false to; be dishonest with)

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