Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of verb get_by

3 senses of get by

Sense 1
cope, get by, make out, make do, contend, grapple, deal, manage -- (come to terms with; "We got by on just a gallon of gas"; "They made do on half a loaf of bread every day")
       => act, move -- (perform an action, or work out or perform (an action); "think before you act"; "We must move quickly"; "The governor should act on the new energy bill"; "The nanny acted quickly by grabbing the toddler and covering him with a wet towel")

Sense 2
get by -- (pass or move in front of; "Bride's Biscuit got by the other dogs to win the race")
       => pass, overtake, overhaul -- (travel past; "The sports car passed all the trucks")

Sense 3
get off, get away, get by, get out, escape -- (escape potentially unpleasant consequences; get away with a forbidden action; "She gets away with murder!"; "I couldn't get out from under these responsibilities")
       => avoid -- (stay clear from; keep away from; keep out of the way of someone or something; "Her former friends now avoid her")

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