Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of verb underpin

2 senses of underpin

Sense 1
underpin -- (support from beneath)
       => hold, support, sustain, hold up -- (be the physical support of; carry the weight of; "The beam holds up the roof"; "He supported me with one hand while I balanced on the beam"; "What's holding that mirror?")

Sense 2
corroborate, underpin, bear out, support -- (support with evidence or authority or make more certain or confirm; "The stories and claims were born out by the evidence")
       => match, fit, correspond, check, jibe, gibe, tally, agree -- (be compatible, similar or consistent; coincide in their characteristics; "The two stories don't agree in many details"; "The handwriting checks with the signature on the check"; "The suspect's fingerprints don't match those on the gun")

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