Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun drop_off

3 senses of drop-off

Sense 1
slump, slack, drop-off, falloff, falling off -- (a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality; "the team went into a slump"; "a gradual slack in output"; "a drop-off in attendance"; "a falloff in quality")
       => deterioration, decline in quality, declension, worsening -- (process of changing to an inferior state)

Sense 2
cliff, drop, drop-off -- (a steep high face of rock; "he stood on a high cliff overlooking the town"; "a steep drop")
       => geological formation, formation -- ((geology) the geological features of the earth)

Sense 3
decrease, lessening, drop-off -- (a change downward; "there was a decrease in his temperature as the fever subsided"; "there was a sharp drop-off in sales")
       => change, alteration, modification -- (an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another; "the change was intended to increase sales"; "this storm is certainly a change for the worse"; "the neighborhood had undergone few modifications since his last visit years ago")

Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of verb drop_off

5 senses of drop off

Sense 1
drop off -- (fall or diminish; "The number of students in this course dropped off after the first test")
       => decrease, diminish, lessen, fall -- (decrease in size, extent, or range; "The amount of homework decreased towards the end of the semester"; "The cabin pressure fell dramatically"; "her weight fell to under a hundred pounds"; "his voice fell to a whisper")

Sense 2
fall asleep, dope off, flake out, drift off, nod off, drop off, doze off, drowse off -- (change from a waking to a sleeping state; "he always falls asleep during lectures")

Sense 3
drop, drop off, set down, put down, unload, discharge -- (leave or unload; "unload the cargo"; "drop off the passengers at the hotel")
       => deliver -- (bring to a destination, make a delivery; "our local super market delivers")

Sense 4
fall back, lose, drop off, fall behind, recede -- (retreat)
       => regress, retrograde, retrogress -- (get worse or fall back to a previous condition)

Sense 5
slip, drop off, drop away, fall away -- (get worse; "My grades are slipping")
       => worsen, decline -- (grow worse; "Conditions in the slum worsened")

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