Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun flame

1 sense of flame

Sense 1
fire, flame, flaming -- (the process of combustion of inflammable materials producing heat and light and (often) smoke; "fire was one of our ancestors' first discoveries")
       => combustion, burning -- (a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light)

Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of verb flame

3 senses of flame

Sense 1
flare, flame -- (shine with a sudden light; "The night sky flared with the massive bombardment")
       => shine, beam -- (emit light; be bright, as of the sun or a light; "The sun shone bright that day"; "The fire beamed on their faces")
          Phrasal Verb-> flame up#1

Sense 2
flame -- (be in flames or aflame; "The sky seemed to flame in the Hawaiian sunset")
       => burn, combust -- (undergo combustion; "Maple wood burns well")

Sense 3
flame -- (criticize harshly, usually via an electronic medium; "the person who posted an inflammatory message got flamed")
       => chastise, castigate, objurgate, chasten, correct -- (censure severely; "She chastised him for his insensitive remarks")

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