Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun passion

7 senses of passion

Sense 1
passion, passionateness -- (a strong feeling or emotion)
       => feeling -- (the experiencing of affective and emotional states; "she had a feeling of euphoria"; "he had terrible feelings of guilt"; "I disliked him and the feeling was mutual")

Sense 2
heat, warmth, passion -- (the trait of being intensely emotional)
       => emotionality, emotionalism -- (emotional nature or quality)

Sense 3
rage, passion -- (something that is desired intensely; "his rage for fame destroyed him")
       => desire -- (something that is desired)

Sense 4
mania, passion, cacoethes -- (an irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action)
       => irrational motive -- (a motivation that is inconsistent with reason or logic)

Sense 5
passion -- (a feeling of strong sexual desire)
       => sexual desire, eros, concupiscence, physical attraction -- (a desire for sexual intimacy)

Sense 6
love, passion -- (any object of warm affection or devotion; "the theater was her first love"; "he has a passion for cock fighting";)
       => object -- (the focus of cognitions or feelings; "objects of thought"; "the object of my affection")

Sense 7
Passion, Passion of Christ -- (the suffering of Jesus at the Crucifixion)
       => agony, suffering, excruciation -- (a state of acute pain)

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